FIT | Dresser

Model # FIT4A-24
  • FIT’s rich looking feel comes from select oak veneer. Traditional cabinet construction is used to ensure a sound fit. All wood surfaces are finished using Moduform’s unique UV cured resin. In total, FIT offers tremendous value for those who require a budget conscious solution.

  • Features

    Standard finish is natural oak.
    3 equal storage drawer.
    Cabinet: Red oak veneers.
    Top: Matching HPL with thermoplastic edge.
    Drawer Fronts: Red oak veneers with surface mounted bar pull.
    Drawer box: Hardwood plywood finished with UV cured resin finish.
    All wood components finished with UV cured resin inside and out.
    UV resin is most durable and environmentally friendly finish available with its 100% pressure applied transfer rate.
    UV resin is impervious to discoloration, most food and beverage stains, abrasions from paper, books and writing instruments.
    UV resin will stand tough against harsh cleaning solvents and even nail polish remover.
    Available in standard Moduform finishes.



    3 storage drawers
    24"d / 30"w / 30"h
    Weight: 110lbs


    3 storage drawers
    18"d / 30"w / 30"h
    Weight: 105lbs
  • Drawer locks
    Restricted drawers to prevent removal

  • Select the finish you want to view.

    • Natural Oak
    • Light Cherry | Oak
    • Cherry | Oak
    • Stone | Oak
    • Dark Mocha | Oak
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