Terminal Station Unit

Model # 90WO | TSU
  • Library Bureau has been serving the evolving needs of libraries since 1881. While we have seen our products change in shape, color, materials and even where they are made, our noble purpose has remained constant. Connect with customers and partners to help create experiences where people are inspired to flourish. We accomplish this by being committed to supporting new ways people are learning, collaborating and growing. You will see this in our contemporary lines of seating, mobile products, tables and storage. However, we also recognize there are needs for deep-rooted solutions that have remained in place because they simply work. Our technical products fulfill these time-tested requirements.

  • Features

    High pressure laminate top with external oak veneer edgeband.
    Top is adjustable to 4 different heights: 26″ | 29″ | 32.5″ | 41″
    Legs are 1-3/4″ x 1-3/4″ solid red oak with eased edges.

    Library Bureau wood products are finished using Moduform’s industry leading UV cured resin, applied with flat line roll coating technology. This unique sealer and top coat recipe provides a rich looking, extremely durable finish that is permanently bonded to the wood. With our process, there are no solvents to evaporate, no environmental pollutants, no loss of coating thickness, and no loss of volume, all of the material is simply rolled onto the part and dried under high-intensity UV lamps. The environmental benefits alone make the Moduform process second to none. The superior physical properties only add to the exceptional value. It’s resistant against ever day abrasion from books, papers, and writing instruments. It repels most food and beverage stains, prevents discoloration from strong light and temperature variation and is tough enough to withstand bleach-based cleaners and heavy strength disinfectants…even nail polish remover!



    TSU | Single Face | Starter
    38.25"d / 33.25"w / 48"h
    Weight: 144lbs


    TSU | Single Face | Adder
    37"d / 33.25"w / 48"h
    Weight: 144lbs


    TSU | Single Face | Starter
    44.25"d / 33.25"w / 48"h
    Weight: 157lbs


    TSU | Double Face | Adder
    43.25"d / 33.25"w / 48"h
    Weight: 157lbs


    TSU | Single Face | Starter
    33.25"d / 50.5"w / 48"h
    Weight: 170lbs


    TSU | Single Face | Adder
    33.25"d / 49.25"w / 48"h
    Weight: 170lbs
  • Optional shelf is available.
    Double face units are available.

  • Select the finish you want to view.

    • Natural Oak
    • Cherry | Oak
    • Dark Mocha | Oak
    • Light Cherry | Oak
    • Stone | Oak
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