Model # 959HL | Roommate

Bed | Low Loft | Hook Lock

  • For more than 40 years the Roommate collection has been the established standard for commercial and contract use room furniture. The lines are crisp and the finish is clean. Solid red oak elements help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere so that wherever the products are used, it will always feel like home. Lofting beds are designed to create additional living and storage space. Low loft beds include two (2) 36″ tall bed ends (1 headboard and 1 footboard) and sinuous wire spring. High loft beds include four (4) 36″ tall ends (2 per headboard and 2 per footboard), one (1) sinuous wire spring and two (2) stabilizer bars.

  • Features

    Frames designed for stacking in one of two methods:
    1. Added steel stacking pins (SP) – one per post
    2. Integral embedded dowel pins (IP) as part of the post.
    Springs feature four hook locking plates at each corner that latch over steel pins that have been embedded into each bed post.
    Spring Height variable in 10 places at 3″ increments.
    No tools needed for assembly and dis-assembly.
    Designed for extra-long (36″ x 80″) mattress. Sold separately.
    Suggested to order safety rail and ladder.



    Low Loft Bed | Hook On Spring
    85"d / 38"w / 72"h
    Weight: 80lbs
  • 75″ & 90″ long springs available.
    Additional stabilizer bars.
    5 step ladders. (recommended)
    Safety railings. (recommended)
    Solid oak fascia rails.

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