Moduform is a premiere manufacturer of contemporary furniture for contract and commercial applications for bedrooms, lounges, dining and activity areas and public spaces.

Our customers have driven our design for more than 40 years. Therefore, our products contain appropriate features to navigate the challenges experienced within the markets we serve:
Student Residence Halls, Libraries and Media Centers, Behavioral Health Hospitals, Substance Abuse Centers, Transitional Housing, Military Dorm and Quarters, Adult and Juvenile Correctional Centers, Firehouses, YMCA and others.

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Moduform offers an extensive array of fabrics with our graded program or by working with your own material. For complete offerings and availability, please consult the mill or its website. We cannot guarantee upholstery capabilities and may need to review the selection prior to upholstering.

Browse, Search & Sample from thousands of fabrics in our graded-in Moduform Collection by CF Stinson. Try the Design Mix to mix, match and share fabric combinations on a visual design board.


For memo samples and technical specifications, please contact the mill directly.

Absecon | (609) 965-5373
Absecon 2017 Grades

Arc Com | (800) 223-5466
Arc Com 2017 Grades

Designtex | (800) 221-1540
Designtex 2017 Grades

Mayer | (800) 428-4415
Mayer 2017 Grades

Maharam | (800) 645-3943
Maharam 2017 Grades

Momentum | (800) 366-6839
Momentum 2017 Grades

Fabric availability and grades subject to change without prior notice. For memo samples and technical specifications, please contact the mill directly.


Moduform offers an array of standard wood finishes. Digital images are supplied for reference and may differ from actual due to screen settings, textures and patterns. To order a wood color sample, please contact customer service at 800-221-6638.

Colors | Molded Vinyl | Plastic | Metal | Wood: