Model # FR6STD-8O

Fortress | Slope Top

  • Moduform Fortress Room Furniture was engineered to remove many of the risks inherent in patient bedrooms. Solid red oak was chosen as the primary material not only for strength, but to help create a less threatening and more comfortable space due its natural characteristics. Beds feature 1” thick solid red oak headboards and footboards and are bolted to a fully concealed internal steel frame that enhances its structure. There are no moving parts that can be misused. All storage is through fixed-in-place shelves making it easy for patients to display any personal items that reflect meaningful memories. Cabinets can be secured to the floor and the wall, include tamper resistant hardware and radius corners and edges. All wood components are finished with our specially formulated UV cured resin that is easy to clean and maintain. This top coat will withstand heavy-use detergents as its non-reactive chemistry and other distinctive characteristics enable it to hold up to the rigors and unpredictable circumstances that arise in treatment facilities.

  • Features

    Cabinet: Solid planked red oak sides.
    Shelves: Red oak veneer for stability, doweled in place and further supported by brackets.
    Adjustable floor leveling glides keep the cabinet square when the floor isn’t level.
    All edges and corners are eased with a slight radius.
    Tamper resistant hardware.
    Tops are sloped for safety and security.
    All wood components finished with UV cured resin inside and out.
    UV resin is most durable and environmentally friendly finish available with its 100% pressure applied transfer rate.
    UV resin is impervious to discoloration, most food and beverage stains, abrasions from paper, books and writing instruments.
    UV resin is chemically inert – it will stand tough against harsh cleaning solvents and even nail polish remover.
    Available in standard Moduform finishes.



    Fortress Slop Top | 8 Openings
    24"d / 36"w / 70"h
    Weight: 210lbs
  • A variety of additional components can be added to modify the cabinet for your specific use.

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