Model # FR6-6O | FR6-8O

Fortress | Storage Unit

  • Moduform has been manufacturing room furniture for intensive use environments for more than 30 years. Our Fortress line was designed and developed through collaborative work with our end user customers. This resulted in cabinets that do not have moving components, can be secured to the floor and the wall, feature the warmth of solid oak and possess strategic features to keep residents and staff safe and secure. The characteristics include tamper resistant hardware, radius corners and edges and our specially formulated UV cured resin finish that withstands the chaotic traffic of high use environments while being easily cleaned with harsh detergents and bleach-based chemicals to aid in the control of blood borne pathogens.

  • Features

    Standard finish is natural oak.
    2 equal openings for storage in FR5-2O, 3 equal openings in FR5-3O.
    Cabinet: Solid planked red oak sides.
    Shelves: Red oak veneer for stability, doweled in place and further supported by brackets.
    Top: Solid planked red oak.
    All wood components finished with UV cured resin inside and out.
    UV resin is most durable and environmentally friendly finish available with its 100% pressure applied transfer rate.
    UV resin is impervious to discoloration, most food and beverage stains, abrasions from paper, books and writing instruments.
    UV resin will stand tough against harsh cleaning solvents and even nail polish remover.
    Available in standard Moduform finishes.



    Fortress Storage Unit | 6 Openings
    24"d / 30"w / 37"h
    Weight: 105lbs


    Fortress Storage Unit | 8 Openings
    24"d / 36"w / 58.25"h
    Weight: 115lbs
  • Floor mounting hardware.
    Wall mounting hardware.

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