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Marco Collection

Marco Collection

Marco is design in motion, borrowing from the past and pushing forward with boldness; a variation of 20th century style, updated with a splash of contemporary panache…big cushions, big solid maple components, big comfort, big beautiful purposefulness all bundled up in a surprisingly compact footprint manufactured to ModuForm’s uncompromising standards.

Marco features hardwood, “puzzle-cut” upholstery framing with sinuous springs and tie-rods for maximum comfort. Secured to solid red oak rails, it seamlessly merges durability with aesthetic appeal.

Distinguished by oversized cushions, handsomely large solid maple arms and legs, Marco is without equal in comfort, style and enduring performance.

Field replaceable arms; zippered back allows access to interior bolts with removing upholstery.

Pair the beautiful lounge pieces with ModuForm’s wide array of distinct accents tables and ottoman to create warm an inviting lounging spaces.

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