Passages Collection

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Passages Collection

Passages reflects a level of compassion and vigilance for patient welfare and quality of life. Solid Red Oak side panels and drawer fronts provide unmatched strength and home-like beauty. Random matched wood staves demonstrate one of a kind grain patterns that make your furniture unique and exclusive.

Drawers offer integrated full-length finger bevels for easy opening and closing. Restrictor clips are included which discourage removal.

Attention is in the details: cabinet backs include venting, edges & corners include a 1/8″ radius, top edges are high-impact while our overall construction is unmatched. ModuForm utilizes electromagnetic clamps and other CNC controlled equipment to build high-quality cabinets that feature tight tolerances and an impeccable level of quality. This ensures long-lasting usability, aesthetic appeal and tremendous value.

All wood components are finished, inside and out, using our specially formulated ModuV, a revolutionary ultraviolet (UV) coating. This topcoat will withstand fluids, food, scratches, heat and UV light as its non-reactive chemistry and other distinctive characteristics enable it to hold up to the rigors and unpredictable circumstances that arise in student sleeping areas. Clean with heavy strength detergents, bleach, steam or any over the counter chemicals to keep your rooms free from harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.