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ModuBlock Collection

ModuBlock with Square Back Molded Cushions
ModuBlock with Square Back Upholstered Cushions
ModuBlock with Fully Rounded Back Molded Cushions
ModuBlock with Fully Rounded Back Upholstered Cushions
ModuBlock with Quarter Rounded Back Molded Cushions
ModuBlock with Quarter Rounded Back Upholstered Cushions

ModuBlock Collection

ModuBlock defines durability, comfort and versatility. No more worries about the scratches, dents, fluids and general abuse that comes with busy or brutal high-traffic spaces.

Available with ModuForm’s unique rotationally molded cushions or an almost unlimited variety of fabrics and other coated materials. Both options bolt to an steel inner structure for maximum durability.

Rotationally molded vinyl is one piece, resistant to fluids, puncture, picking, and harsh cleaning chemicals. It is homogeneous in color, more than 10 times thicker than traditional coverings and will withstand the harshest of environments. Cushions are filled with a two-part flexible polyurethane foam that forms and bonds to the cushions as it cures. This process generates the most appropriate cushion sets for intensive use seating.

If fabric or coated materials are more appropriate, we mold our flexible, high-density polyurethane foam which encases a steel frame that provides a bolting system that makes the cushions non-removable without commercial-grade electric powered tools.

All butcher block parts are either repairable or replaceable. All components through-bolt together with tamper-resistant, high-torque steel-on-steel bolts and fasteners. Each oak piece is finished using our specially formulated ModuV, a revolutionary ultraviolet (UV) coating. This topcoat will withstand bodily fluids, scratches, heat and UV light as its non-reactive chemistry and other distinctive characteristics enable it to hold up to the rigors and unpredictable circumstances that arise in treatment facilities. Disinfect with heavy strength detergents, bleach or steam to keep your facility clean against harmful bacteria and bloodborne pathogens.

When uncompromising and enduring seating is required, ModuBlock will deliver years of service.

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