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Moxie Range

Bedroom Furniture


Moxie offers a secure and resilient solution tailored for the unique challenges of patient bedrooms in behavioral health hospitals.

Crafted as one solid piece, Moxie pieces are engineered to resist ligatures, fluids, and punctures, ensuring durability even against intentional abuse.

Constructed from impact-resistant polyethylene, Moxie’s surfaces are easily sanitized with bleach-based cleansers or steam, essential for infection control.

Inside, Moxie is filled with a specialized two-part structural polyurethane foam, enhancing stability while reducing noise for a more soothing environment.

Featuring a distinctive fluid management system, Moxie’s bed deck channels unwanted contaminants away from the mattress for improved cleanliness.

Moreover, Moxie’s side rails are ergonomically profiled for easy access and comfort, with a recessed toe kick for added convenience.

With rounded corners and edges, Moxie prioritizes patient safety and suitability for care and treatment.

Storage units include recessed shelves to discourage climbing, while wall hanging units are sloped for enhanced visibility and security.

Moxie units can be easily anchored with tamper-proof hardware for added stability and peace of mind.

For safe, compassionate solutions that promote positive behavioral outcomes, Moxie delivers essential features to support patient welfare.

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