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GALLERY 450-11
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GALLERY 450-11
450-11 ANCHOR
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Safety, quality and comfort define the ModuForm Seclusion Bed. With its seamless and one-piece design, it repels fluids, withstands deliberately destructive behavior, is easily cleaned, prevents the concealment of contraband, deters lifting and is ligature resistant.

Our rotationally molded vinyl outer layer is up to 10 times thicker than traditional coverings. This reduces punctures, tearing and the abuse that is inherent in seclusion spaces.

See our eleven contemporary and homogenous colors. Wash and disinfect the bed with commercial grade cleaning agents and keep your facility clean against harmful bacteria, bloodborne pathogens and viruses.

The core of our Seclusion bed is a very high-density and flexible polyurethane foam. There are no springs, no hard edges, no puddling fabric and no surfaces that can injure. Our pieces are molded into singular pieces making them the safest and most secure seclusion solution available. First introduced more than 20 years ago, the ModuForm Seclusion bed has proven to be incredibly reliable and cost effective.

Featuring a single-piece and high-impact plinth base, fluids and other contaminants are no issue. Simply disinfect with bleach-based cleaners, steam or other heavy-strength cleansers.

the 450-11 bed includes ten restraint rings – five per side. The steel rings are held in place by continuous woven polypropylene webbing that is fully concealed, safe and secure.

A fabricated steel mounting system is available that provides for safe and secure floor attachment while offering the flexibility for bed removal when cleaning becomes necessary.

Restraint | Seclusion Bed
Model: 450-11
Seclusion Bed with Restraints
30″d x 80″w x 18


  • Material: Exclusive Polyvinyl Mixture.
  • Restraints: Zinc Plated Steel D-Rings Held in Place by Continuous Woven Polypropylene Webbing. 5 Rings per Side.
  • Process: Rotationally Molded for One-Piece Design.
  • Polyvinyl Covering: 200Mils that is up to 20X Thicker than Traditional Textiles.
  • Design: Seamless, Non-Porous, Impact, Puncture, Pick, Fluid and Contraband Resistant.
  • Color: Uniform and Homogeneous.
  • Texture: Leather Grain for Durability.
  • Cleanability: Commercial Detergents, Steam or Bleach-Based Agents to Aid in Prevention of Bloodborne Pathogens, Viruses and Infections.
  • Fire Retardant & Self-Extinguishing for Safety.
  • Core: Filled with Unique, Two-Part, Flexible and High-Density Polyurethane Foam.
  • Foam: Molded into Single Piece and Bonded to Inner Walls for Most Durable, Safest and Secure Lounge Chair Available.
  • Base: High-Impact and Molded Polyethylene with Integrated Risers for Air Flow.
  • Colors: Available in Standard ModuForm Molded Polyvinyl Color Palette.
  • Certified Green for Healthier Indoor Environments.

Additional Restraint Rings (must be factory installed).
Floor Mounting Hardware Kit.

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