Residential Treatment

Creating environments for restoration, comfort and healing.

ModuForm has been developing products that unite durability, comfort, value and home-like relaxation since 1976. We manufacture a wide array of furnishings that assist with creating environments centered on recovering in modern and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Our philosophy is simple. We design and engineer products that are:
• Abuse Resistant
• Comfortable & Inviting
• Encourage Autonomy
• Easy to Disinfect & Clean
• Simple to Maintain
• Ligature, Fluid, Puncture & Scratch Resistant
Our wooden bedroom furniture features the natural characteristics that create a warm and inviting sleeping area while our molded products offer a brighter and easier to maintain alternative. Lounge pieces are available in a variety of styles to promote community, companionship and closeness. From foam filled, soft, puncture, and fluid resistant vinyl to finely tailored fabric covered in homelike upholstery, ModuForm’s passion for creating value and solving the unique challenges of group spaces is unmatched.

Featured Collections

Molded and Wood Bedroom Furniture
Molded and Wood Sided Lounge Seating
Fully Upholstered Lounge Seating
Molded and Wood Chairs
Molded and Wood Tables