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Fortress Range

Desk & Dresser
Slope Top Wardrobes
Platform & Restraint Beds

DESCRIPTION: Fortress Range

Introducing ModuForm Fortress Bedroom Furniture—designed to revolutionize patient sleeping areas in behavioral health hospitals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our furniture is engineered to eliminate risks while promoting a calming and comfortable environment using biophilic materials.

Built using the exceptional strength and inviting warmth of solid red oak. The beds feature a heavy-gauge and concealed internal steel frame that the side rails and headboards bolt to for enhanced stability and security.

With patient safety in mind, our furniture is free from moving parts that could be misused. Storage solutions are designed with fixed-in-place shelves, allowing patients to proudly display personal items that evoke meaningful memories. Cabinets can be securely anchored to the floor and wall, and feature rounded corners and edges for added safety.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as electromagnetic clamps and CNC-controlled routers, we ensure the highest build-quality standards in every aspect of our furniture.

Our wood components are finished inside and out with ModuV, our revolutionary ultraviolet (UV) coating. This topcoat is specially formulated to withstand bodily fluids, scratches, heat, and UV light, maintaining its integrity even in the most challenging circumstances. Easy to disinfect with heavy-strength detergents, bleach, or steam, ModuV keeps your facility clean and protected against harmful bacteria and bloodborne pathogens.

ModuForm’s meticulous craftsmanship results in exceptional durability, aesthetic appeal, and tremendous value. Fortress is perfectly suited for the care, treatment, and services provided in behavioral health facilities.

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