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Collaboration, inspiration and enhancing learning.

ModuForm is focused on delivering contemporary and appropriate furnishings to meet the demands of todays students and the curriculum. We manufacture a wide array of seating solutions that assist with creating environments centered on:
• Flexibility
• Comfort and Inspiration
• Building Community
• Ease of Disinfecting & Cleaning
• Simplicity of Maintenance
• Value and Durability
Our mobile and modular designs are manufactured to withstand the constant and changing nature of today’s students and how they learn, share and grow. From curved benches to wedges to tiered solutions, ModuForm’s width and breadth of product will allow you to furnish student learning areas taking into consideration the need for comfortable, inviting and fun against the realties of space and budget.

Featured Collections

Modular Upholstered Lounge Seating
Fully Upholstered Lounge Seating
Wood Shelving, Carrels & Chairs
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