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Residence Halls

Helping to create safe, supportive and inclusive communities.

Flexibility in Furniture has been at the core of ModuForm’s designs since its inception in 1976. We manufacture student furniture that is:
• Easy to reconfigure and move
• Made from the strongest materials available
• Incredibly comfortable
• Long lasting and durable
• A tremendous value
ModuForm’s complete collection of student room products have long been the standard from which all other hardwood furniture is measured. With and array of contemporary options and a variety of sizes, the investment made in ModuForm today will pay dividends for years to come. When looking for collaborative and communal study and lounge spaces, ModuForm’s deep collection of modular and standing lounge seating will support active use across many building cycles. Rugged hardwood frames are machined to the tightest of tolerances and upholstered with a fine eye toward impeccable tailoring. For Residence Halls looking to provide quiet spaces for uninterrupted study or when you are seeking common spaces to build wider nets of social structure, ModuForm provides the flexibility to support all your goals.

Featured Collections

Fully Upholstered Lounge Seating
Student Room Furniture
Wood Chairs
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