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Adult and Juvenile Detention

Normative design, unmatched safety, security and durability.

ModuForm prides itself on manufacturing and delivering tough furniture that will withstand demanding environments and is why our products have been the preferred choice at Adult and Juvenile detention centers across the country. We take our role in helping to create safe and secure facilities very seriously. Our products feature:
• Seamless designs with rounded corners and edges
• Furniture that is either foam filled or hollow, allowing for ballasting
• Contraband, ligature, fluid and puncture resistant
• Low maintenance and easy to disinfect
• Floor/Wall anchoring or free-standing design
• Normative colors and finishes
Your expectations are high and we understand what it takes to meet and exceed them; it is what we have been doing since we started manufacturing furniture for critical environments in 1976. As our customers tell us, “iron is tough and we could have built our furniture out of it. But with ModuForm, we didn’t have to!”

Featured Collections

Molded and Wood Bedroom Furniture
Molded and Wood Sided Lounge Seating
Molded and Wood Chairs
Molded and Wood Tables
Molded and Foam Filled Seclusion
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